Putting the World back in Warcraft: Intro

orc from Warcraft dancing to can't touch this by MC hammer

Before we get in to it

If you want to skip the intro and go straight the posts the links are right here:

This is my take on the current state of World of Warcraft and what classic has taught me about retail World of Warcraft and what I hope it has taught the developers at Blizzard.

When writing this I decided to make a conscious effort to not only point out what I dislike but also mention what I do like and make suggestions to perhaps improve what is currently there if I do dislike it.

I will also be comparing the current game “retail” to World of Warcraft: Classic “classic” a lot throughout this.

Because this is a game I truly love and because I genuinely want it to be better I will try and avoid simply complaining and try to offer solutions. This will also likely have to be many separate posts. I will add links to all of the posts below as I finish them.